30 things to do before my 30s birthday

A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list with 1000 things they wanted do before they die. Well, I don’t really think its time for me to write something like that yet, but at the same time it inspired me to create my own fun things to do prior birthday !
Smile to a stranger
Send a gift to someone I don’t know for no reason
Make my inner child happy
Laugh 30 times a day!
Read a good book from a besides work related, sci-fi or biographies
Make bouquet of flowers from flowers I find on the way.
Open “House of Pinheiro” Etsy shop
Try a new hairstyle
Go a week without watching TV
Don’t buy anything for a week
Live a more sustainable life by recycling or giving my old clothes to charity
Eat more fish (only from sustainable source- see more here)
Only eat local and seasonal food
Travel to a new place
Dance alone in the living room – Recomend me a song?
Learn some sentences in a new language
Talk less and listen more
Eat less sugar
Drink more water
Try new clothes styles- get out of my comfort zone.
Make more clothes
Learn how read knit patterns without having to write translations on the side.
Explore more the green areas around me
Stop in a different station and walk more
Make a toast for long lost friends
Buy more anti ageing cream (after the non buying week is gone)
Use less Facebook for a week
Dont get upsad when things go wrong.
Borrow HRH rain coat without him noticing
Tell the people I love how important they are!

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Closing date: June30

lost of love

  • FANTASTIC! Happy almost birthday!!

  • Happy early birthday!! And I suggest dancing around the room to some Beach Boys…specifically “Dance, Dance, Dance.” 🙂 I love your list!

  • Im gona help you achieve one from your list…you will find out soon!!

  • Yehhhh Thanks Hun !