30 to 30- updates !

Hey girls, Just a quick update on the 30 to 30  Bucket list!
I didnt notice that i had to do the opposite to be 30. LOL
To make my inner child happy I just sat on the sofa and watched Lillo & Stitch with popcorn. I love Disney films. They are ageless and their attention to details is art! Couldn’t stop laughing at Stitch dressed as Elvis. I probably did my 30 laughs today.
On the book task, I decided that before I went to bed  last night to get HRH’s book and read a chapter. It put me off as he was so arrogant. What I expected reading “The world according to Clarkson”? Will try a new book tonight as no TV. Great that sky records as I wont miss my fave programs.
At the tube today I tried to smile to a stranger but everyone was so concentrated in their own newspapers, phones etc that after 7 stops I gave up. I decided that next time I see a baby I would do that. At least I have a chance to get a smile back.
Before dinner I decided to do the “dance”. I cannot really dance because of an injure on my back ,that’s why I miss so much. I can move my arms and imagine I am dancing… and to meg’s suggestion the youtube is playing “dance dance – beach boys”  ( See/Hear too– ) Thanks Meg. Great Sugestion!
And finally, I tried a couple of hair styles before I came home! I think I was born with the right colour hair. LOL

what do you think?

Only Rihana can pull this off!

My name is Blond ! Pinheiro Blonde

Shukran, Merci, Dhanyabad, Obrigado, Dank u, Sha sha, Tack så mycket

( Thank you)

lots of Love
  • Blogger wouldn’t let me comment before, but I’m so glad you enjoyed the Beach Boys! That song always puts me in a better mood 🙂