5 Minutes to a perfect make up look!

If you are busy in the mornings or just don’t know how to do a simple make up look, this is for you!

I find it easier to have my hair tied back in the morning while I get ready.

Before you use any make up:
Wash your face with a good quality product (yes- 2 things I spend my money on: Morning wash and foundation as anything else I can substitute for something cheaper.

I Love “Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3in1 Daily Cleanser Exfoliator Primer” do a great job of multi tasking leaving your skin ready for the day.I also use the serum from the same brand but I have others that I also use. As long you slap some moisturizing and sunscreen (combine it’s much quicker) you are good to go.

If you include this pre make up routine to your everyday bathroom routine, it’s like brushing your teeth, becomes automatic and you can concentrate on the make up in 5 minutes.

Another thing before you start: Know your shape (face & eyes specially)

Now decide on what to emphasize: Lips or Eyes. I normally do eyes, but with so many lovely lip colours, it’s your choice. Just know that it’s a balancing act. Not too much in both. It is one or another.

Make up step by step:
  • If your moisturizer is not tinted- get one now– Save lots of time and looks much better than foundation on a day to day look. Foundation step gone before we even started! Hurray!
  • If you can afford the time- you can dab (a very little amount) of some concealer on darker spots, but we are restraining ourselves to essentials only due time.
It depends on your eye shape but the basis is the same:
1) Begin by applying a light/medium colour from lash to the crease.
2) Accent the crease of the eyelid with a darker shade.
3) Blend with a soft brush! This is the secret of a good eye make up- Blend! As if you want to erase the Imaginary line. Eye makeup remover or a damp cloth can remove smudges.
4) Add an eye pencil and mascara. (Light coat)

If you want a dark lip, only use the 1 &4 steps or use 2 light shades.


Once you dab your brush into the product, dab the brush in a piece of toiler paper before you apply on your face otherwise you will have a lot of product. Always build up the look! Use face chart to know where.

LIPS: Apply a nude or complementary shade.

There is so many ways to use these 5 minutes for different looks and so many more things you can add as 3 eye shadows, but if you only do these 5 minutes you will always a nice fresh make up look for any occasion!

My look today :

Love, xx

see you tomorrow !