Draft your own Skirt Tutorial !

How to draft your own straight skirt! (Pencil skirt included)

Take your measurements. (Use this as your reference)

These instructions are based on your  personal measurements and the way the measurements needed to be taken must be accurate .If you get it right first time you won’t have fitting issues and can use this pattern as base of other types of skirts as I will show you how.
Measurements you will need for this pattern:
Waist (divided by 4 – we will refer as 4W)
Hips (divided by 4- Refer as 4H)
CDA Distance between your waist and your hips.
CS – Measure from your waist until the size would like your skirt to be in cm)
Use tissue paper, spot and cross or any other paper that have a large enough because you will draw both side of the pattern (front/ back) at the same time.
1. Create a horizontal and vertical line measuring 3 cm – they are your margins
2. Make a rectangle for Front/ Back with measurement 4H and CS) Then measure on the vertical margin marking your CDA. 
3. In the horizontal line, mark your 4W + 3 cm 
4.  Lower 1,5 cm in the junction of horizontal margin and vertical , and then connect in a curve shape ( you can use the French curve or circular ruler ) in the 4W +3 cm  – front and back
5. In the middle of your 4W+3 draw an axis for the dart (10 cm front and 12 cm back).
6. Measure 1 cm from each side of the axis and connect forming the dart,
7. At the side, at the point of your waist connect to the CDA in a curve shape ( I used a curved rule)  and its done!

Taper the side to make it from straight to pencil.

This is your own measurement skirt therefore you need to add extra. I find it safe to add 3 cm, so I can overlock the excess and the inside looks neat. Also give the opportunity to make it larger if I need to in future.
I also use carbon and weel to mark all the darts and seams from the pattern to the fabric.

I used this technique for the pillow case challenge! Please send your questions if I haven’t made myself clear !

Added yours to our flickr group.

Happy sewing!

  • lovely!

  • So this weekend I shall try this. If it does not come out well, I shall blame you…..lol. thanks for the tutorial.

  • This will work. I am sure. If you dont have a curved ruler, get a skirt that you onw with a curve and use as reference. And points for you to try ! IF doesnt really work and you worked really hard, let me know and I will draft one for you, ok !