Key points to remember when sewing!

Over my projects I gathered key points to remember when I’m sewing that I would like to share with you.
This list keep growing by the minute so I will try to always keep this post as update as possible.
Be accurate (the 1 mm mistakes add up)
Press, press, press.
Tide it up as you go by cutting extra tread and avoiding bulks’.
When marking the fabric, never forget to add your nicks, notches and other forms of identification
Guide fabric with tension during stitch- one hand forward works for me.
Pin the garment always toward you
Test your interface on small pieces to feel how fabric will behave
Check very often, it something not right stop and re do it. Check check check.
Be aware of fabric compatibility for iron heat – almost burn my lining because of a bad choice as the coat needed a lot of heat and the lining couldn’t take it even with a wet cloth.
Pin horizontally for very slippery fabrics and baste when possible.
Read your instructions if you are following it. I don’t use instructions from patterns as they doesn’t consider “my body” and alterations and sew around the body. That makes it a nightmare trying to change the size once you finish sewing. I like to sew the side seams last.
take great care when overlooking that you don’t catch other parts of the garment
Use the correct needle for the fabric – one needle does not do it all
Change your needle regularly (I generally change mine for every new garment)
Always do a sample of stitching on every new fabric to check tension etc
If you feel like stopping, STOP!  Take a break.  Often rushing leads to bad outcomes.
If you’re fabric looks very similar on the wrong and right sides.. put an X in pins on the right side before you take the pattern pieces off!
You can never understitch or topstich too much! It makes everything sit better, and you’ll iron less.

If using closed seams & or vertical darts – press them towards centre back.

And how about you, would you like to share your keep points?
Happy sewing !
  • I love this post! My top tip is to press, your inroning board is your best friend. I love that outfit your wearing, tell more about it…..
    PS thanks for following my new blog. x x x

  • Thanks for the tips. I will definitely keep them in mind. As a beginner I need posts like this to help me along.

  • #1 is the truth!!!! I’m still new to sewing so I don’t have any to add but your list is very comprehensive.

  • I am glad to help ! Keep giving me feedback so I know what to talk about on next posts ! xx

  • oh Charlotte, This jumpsuit was a gift from my gradma !

  • Make sure your right sides together are both right sides! Also, try things on all the time. There are many adjustments that can be made from holding a pattern up to yourself to checking a skirt before you put on the waist band.

  • Thanks Stacie. Its a great contribution !

  • Love the post but loving the outfit even more – that fabric is GORGEOUS on you ! Well Jel xx