Make up Trend- Coral

I wanted to share with you the tips to get the sophisticate and heath look show at SPFW 2011 by huge bikini brand “ Agua de coco “
The make up artist Marcelo Gomes invested in a sexy strong look with fake lashes and light pencil in the eye line to give the open eye look.
To achieve this look avoid dry products with matte finish. The idea is to have the skin looking very healthy so you need to use good illuminator products.
In place of the powder eye shadow he used a coral gloss in the eye socket to give the eyes a heath look like you are beach goodness
Try to use very little product in the right places, like illuminating foundation and liquid blush or mouse. This all adds to a very clean and sophisticate look. Lips are pink.
For the hair, they made very sleek to give a modern touch and made a bow using just a net to give a bit of attitude. Try to do the hair by making a pony tail, Hair needs to be very straight and sleek and cover the tail in a net. Then wrap around in a bow shape and use pins to hold in place. Or just leave it sleek and loose.
Products I recommend for this look:
Mac Coral Eyeshadow Pigment. Or Mac Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle

Blushes: Smashbox Blush Rush in Masterpiece; Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Blush in Cherub; CHANEL Powder Blush in In Love; and Benefit Cosmetics’ CORALista

To give your dry eyeshadow or blush the cream effect by mix a little with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (this is also my all time favourite product as I use for everything- specially on lips and brow) or use a mousse blush as Maybelline N2 Coral
I also recommend applying coral blush and then dusting what’s left on the brush onto your temples, hairline and eyelids, then pairing this with nude, light pink lipstick or gloss.
 And the Key product for this look is a good illuminator and I can recommend benefits High Beam. (£16, 50) (It’s been given free at Glamour magazine. Get yours at a news agency. It’s the Adele cover (sorry if you live outside the UK)
Benefit claim its ‘supermodel in a bottle’ and they’re almost right as it gives a radiant, dewy glow and to apply this type of product ( I use others from benefit to give this illuminate skin look  ) its very simple .
Dot along your cheekbones and blend to bring out your cheekbones, under the arch of your brow and in a circle around the outer edges of your eyes, blend and you will instantly get this catwalk look!
Other ways to use illuminator products like are:
Mixed in with foundation for an all-over glow
As a very pretty eye-colour
On the cupid’s bow of the lip to give a pouty humph to your lips.
Tips on where to apply make up, I wrote a post already, follow this.
Coral makeup is definitely supposed to be a big trend this spring!  Have fun using it !
 I also couldnt not show the amazing bikinis !

lots of love,