The “Misses Pink” dress- Burda 7517

I love spring time, when all the English gardens come alive with color.

Eu adoro a primavera quando os jardins ingleses vibram com cores.


Fabric: Cotton 97%  3% stretch
Patterns: Burda 7517
Notions: 22 Inc zipper and matching thread
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: 2011
Wear again? Yes, I felt ready for Ascot! Where is my hat?
Total Cost: £14 a metre (2 metres) (Just Fabric -Chatham)
Review:  I like this shape on me, but I had so many issues fitting I almost didnt think I would finish. The neck line is a bit high so next one I would definitely cut off a bit more and also maybe make the hem a bit more tapered

I decided that I would also share the steps as directions and my modifications of course!

1. Measure upper bust – Decide pattern size- mine is a UK size 12
2. Cut pattern
3. Pin paper 5/8 turn (1,5 cm)
4. Adjust the paper pattern accordingly to fit- My changes were:
• Length – add 2 cm on armhole
• Length – add 2cm on body on designated line.
• Add half an inch side seam
• Add 1,5 inch centre back
• Add 2 inch Hem
5. Pin pattern on fabric
6. Mark and cut fabric –darts, nicks, pleas, leave zip mark.
• How to mark pleas: Place pins on the start and end of the plea and on the wrong side, mark the end of the pin- very delicate.
• Nicks- mark where the pattern originally finishes with a small cut
7. Adjust Fit
• Length pleat (front and back) + 3 inches
• Adjust front dart (lower)
8. Sew all pleas
• How to fold Pleas: Fold back so each lines marked meet, right side facing , secure ends of stitch
9. Press only pleas on the back centering the excess fabric on the run stitch.( Press as it was sewn and then the seam allowances are pressed open so that a seam allowance is on each side of the seam.)
10. Sew all the darts
• Front darts – sew a straight line, foot on the edge of fabric all the way thought
How to sew darts: Fold dart on centre line, matching stitching lines and markings at the wide end, the point and in between. Pin in place, with heads of pins toward folded edge for easy removal as you stitch. Stitch from wide end to point of dart. Backstitch at beginning of stitching line, and then continue stitching toward point, removing pins as you come to them
11. Press front darts – First press darts flat, then press to one side, always pressing from the broad end to the point. Usually bust darts are pressed downwards and waist darts (vertical darts) are pressed towards the centre of the garment.
12. Add neck facing (front) sew from the centre the band in the middle, sew along, and leaving space for the turn on the neck, on the nick. On the edge, turn the facing – cut excess fabric and over lock.
• Turns seams allowances: Neck – 3/8, Body 5/8)
13. Add back facing – sew. Trim excess fabric, roll it, and press. Leave shoulder allowance without sewing.
14. Armhole: don’t interface. Cut facing on the grain
15. Adjust and sew side seam
16. Press seam open
17. Sew back seam until zip marking
18. Press seam open
19. Place Zip

20.Overlock everything- seams open
21- Mark Hem
22- Sew Hem

 Model & Photographer: Me.
All Right reserved to House of Pinheiro
And used some of the scraps for some flower brooches !

 Have fun sewing!
See you tomorrow! xx
  • Very cute and I love the flower brooches.

  • it is so cute. I live the fabric.the dress suits you so well. the flower brooches are lovely too.

  • THe flower brooches are just beautiful.. Love them.. Happy Sewing.. Judy

  • Oh. My. Word. I totally wanted to make my dress for the Ascots and chickened out. But I did make my fascinator, so there’s that.

    I love your dress. So well fitting and pretty.

  • Broches are very easy. I will write a tutorial for you ! x

  • Anonymous

    Hi, just popping in to see your blog for the first time! Absolutely amazing stuff, loved everything about it. You must show me how to create the brooches, they are fab! See you soon, Dayo (sewing class)

  • Hi Dayo… yeahhh you are here. Lets catch up for a coffee sometime ! xx