No more fish in the sea!

Since last year I pledged to eat more sustainable fish and was so happy when I saw Selfridges launched a fantastic campaign called Project Ocean, which they partnered with more than 20 environmental and conservation groups to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, highlight the issue of over-fishing, help us all understand the threats to the ocean and make positive choices about the right fish to buy and eat.
So far they have raised over £90,000 but they biggest achievement was raise awareness of the importance of eating sustainable fish and take care of our oceans.
Their window
If your fashionista instincts want to help by buying the T-shirts, they cost £40 but you don’t need to go that level of money as you can get this cute bracelet for £5.
If you want to make a donation, click here
For your reference a donation of £10 will buy underwater paper to record fish species and numbers and £30 will secure a marker buoy for the boundary of a marine reserve.
Or make your own pledge. It’s that simple. Just changing your habits towards only eating sustainable source fish does much more than donating money in my opinion as also spreading the message.
Now what can I eat or not eat?
Fish to eat
BIB or Pouting ( all areas), Black bream, seam beam ( all areas), Clam ( farmed) Cockles( hand gathered) , Cod Atlantic (North East Arctic, Eastern Baltic) Cod Pacific ( Alaska longline) Coley or Saithe ( north sea , west Scotland crab ( spider, pot caught )  Dab ( all areas) , Gurnard ( red and grey), Handdock ( north East Artic, North sea) Halibut ( farmed)Mackerel ( hand line, driftnet caught )  Herring ( Norwegian (spring spawning) Lobster ( western Australian rock , Mexican Baja Californian Red Rock (Certified) Mussels ( farmed ) Oyster ( Farmed) Pollack ( Alaska or walleye), prawns (Tiger and King (organic–certified farmed or zero input system) Northern/cold water prawn from North East Arctic and Canada BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) or GAA (Global Aquaculture Alliance) approved), salmon (Pacific (5 species), Atlantic (organic farmed)) , Rainbow Trout (organic farmed or fresh water ponds) and more .
Fish to avoid
Brill ( all areas) , Cod Atlantic ( Irish sea faroes Bank, Rockall, West Scotland, Greenland, Norwegian Coasts, North Sea, Western Channel)  Haddock(, West Scotland and faraos ), Eel ( European and conger) ,Halibut ( Atlantic- wild caught),
Hake ( Spain and Portugal) , Ling ( trawled) , Marlin ( all areas), Plaice ( celtic sea, west English channels ) Prawn ( tiger and king – wild caught), Salmon ( wild caught), seabass (pelagic trawled),Sole ( dover/common – Irish sea), skate ( all areas), trout (Brown or Sea, Baltic (Wild caught) Tuna( south Atlantic) and more

Hope I done a little part in spreading this important message!
Lost of love
  • I’m going to Selfridges next week – I hope this is still here to see. The horrific wastage of modern fishing is shocking and its good to see it being addressed in my favourite store!