Saturday at Queens Club

I Love Sundays. First because I get my breakfast in bed and then because most Sundays TV is full of sport actions which keep HRH very happy and relax.
I normally sew at the living room and we both stay chatting and flirting in between intervals of our hobbies all day. It’s a great way to spend time together without having to really do something we don’t like. With such a sports fanatic at home, some Saturdays we tend to watch sports live and I really enjoy going to see new venues and people watch! (Ok, I do watch and cheers the sport during the actual games)
Yesterday we went to the Queens Club to see the semi final of Aegon Championships.

Me & HRH

If you are interested in the scores, the British No.1 , Andy Murray was unstoppable yesterday as he dispatched Andy Roddick, the four-time champion at Queen’s Club and one of the best grass-court players of his generation, 6-3 6-1.
Queens is a warm up tournament for Wimbledon and it’s held in this beautiful venue.
A little bit of history for you, since 1960, it’s the 1st time we had 2 British players at the semifinal.

Today is the final, between Andy Murray and France‘s Jo-Wilfried Tsonga but I don’t know the result yet as the game is current held up by rain.
Now enough about sports, if you ever have the opportunity to visit the club, here are some tips that would be nice if I have been told before I went. The environment there is very English old school and people dress very posh.

I made a selection what I think would be the best look for you to stand out in this venue:
White Maxi dress
Straw hat
Colourful scarf
Cute flat
Rain coat
Satchel bag


Other important info:
Bring your own food. The venue has a beautiful restaurant (need advance booking) and a food court but with simple sandwiches costing a staggering £10, your little lunch for 2 could easily creep up to £30… This without the champagne or Pimms.
Bring a hat and a scarf/jumper. If the sun is shining you can easy be sitting there for a couple of hours a game, therefore you need to protect your skin. When the sun is out, the breeze can be very cold so you will something easy to put over your shoulders but that doesn’t require you to stand up. Rain coat ? well, its England. do I  really need more explanation than that?

Sunscreen is a no-brainer for me. Every were I go I will carry with me a little bottle.

You could rent a cushion for £3, and makes the sits a bit less uncomfortable.
Now, the don’ts:
Don’t take drinks (It won’t be allowed in)
Don’t wear silly thin heels as the venue is all covered with fake grass
Don’t wear short shorts or skirts are the sits are very tiny and hard to sit.
Don’t wear wedding hats- looks so overkill on a sport event.
Beware of the white jeans, stripe shirt and blazer as the organizers and support time are all wearing it and you don’t want to be confused by them.
More photos of the day :
cheers !

£90 a ticket for a semi final.

HRH enjoying the day

Anyone for Pimms?
with our friend Si. Does he look like Andre Agassi??

Interesting floor.
In the evening we had a great time and I will write about the restaurant too.
see you tomorrow !
  • Looks like you had lots of fun. I love the blog makeover. It’s a lot brighter. I hope Andy wins. I love him.

  • Thanks Dibs.I agree it was too messy and dark before. I didnt really knew how to use blogger so its lot of try and errors at the moment. Oh do I hope Andys wins too. He was amazing yesterday. I saw you having so much fun fabric shopping. Whe should have a blog meet up too ! Love reading your blog. keep up !