S.O.S (Unfinished Objects ) need be loved and finished !

Ok, name and shame today! My UFOs need to be completed so nothing like peer pressure to have it done. Well, Mena at Sew Weekly tried but I wasn’t ready. (Red face) Ok no more excuses. They need to be finished by end of September 2011.

For you that don’t know about UFO, they are unfinished objects we tend to hide from.Incomplete and un loved , left in the corner.
Here is my list of current UFO! (May quickly change to more as soon as this is posted- for worst)
  • Wool dress ( need hem- maybe a rolled hem would do the job and save me !)
  • Red White summer top ( Need total rescue)
  • Denim trousers ( need hem) I was so ashamed I finished before I pressed Published!
  • Checked wool skirt ( need rescue- for at least 2 years )
  • Navy & black dress ( lining, zipper, overlock,sleeves + hem)
  • Wall quilt – After all the hard work of the patchwork, poor HRH is still waiting our wall decoration on our flat to be finished. I have problems with hand sewing so I tend to not do it (see a trend???)
  • Owl pillow- need rescue (hand sewing)
  • Recipe book patchwork – after sewing the entire book (by hand- Surprised?), it just need to create the patchwork- do it and cover the book. Well, need the recipes on it too.
  • 2  half scarfs ( well knit them…)
Well, may not look like a long list but I have an enormous list “to start” and can see the level of UFO increasing rapidly if I don’t clear the oldies!
Me and Ruth (my mannequin) are committed to exterminate the ufos… how about You?

Happy sewing!

see you tomorrow! xx

  • Ahhh, love that expression (UFO!). It’s new to me, but I sure have a lot of them. 🙂


  • Hi Melissa.. “watch out” as they multiply very quickly LOL ! hope you are enjoying reading House of Pinheiro !

  • I know exactly what you mean! I’ve set myself a challenge to tackle one UFO or mending item every Monday, until they’re all gone. (Sadly, I suspect it may take a couple of years, as the pile is rather large…!) Good on ya for your UFO reduction! 🙂

  • Good luck with your UFOs! I have a jersey top I’ve abandoned because my machine disagrees with jersey, plus a cardigan I started knittingand know I’ll never finished because I now hate it!

  • thank you ! UFO are so hard to finish but I hope with all your support I can finish them.. or re use the fabric.

  • I have two UFO’s. I cut them out then lost interest for some reason, actually I know the reason….new pretty fabric lol