What really is my size? What pattern should I buy?

In the quest for my own perfect fit I started a little investigation:
I feel a bit mad to show you my measurements but I am sure Im not alone with fitting problems !

A lot more confused then before, I look for an answer at Pati PalmerFit For Real People “and they gave me the “body graph “.Here I was in my underwear asking HRH ( nickname of my other half given by his friends ) to follow Pati’s instructions and trace points around my body. That’s the result.
Strange to look at yourself like this- and those points are not my boobs.
Comparing with my mesuraments

Answering the body graph worksheet

Here is for you to see what I compared with.
Great book. MUST HAVE
The chapters I used of the book was: Analyze Your Body :Basic body shapes (hourglass, rectangle, triangle, etc.) and how to analyze your shape to identify fitting issues.  Detailed steps for making a body graph or body map.

Positives of this experience: I look smaller than I thought. I may be wearing the wrong shape of clothes.
I can see what my back problem is doing to my body with 1″ difference between left and right (this body graph its going to physiotherapy next week with me) So its not my wonky sewing all the time LoL
Negatives: Instructions can be confusing at 1st. Better ask a friend instead of a partner as it took a bit of convincing to have HRH to do this.

Do I know what size am I? No, but I know what size pattern to buy (high bust measurement – 12 ), what fit I should look for and last but not least that I have my own beautiful body and should accept my shape and be proud of it ,instead of feeling bad because I couldn’t fit a certain size. Being a commercial pattern or high street.

So, here I ask you, my friends, do the same to yours. No matter how bad you feel about something on your body, try to see your positives and work with its strengths. Don’t forget it’s yours own body and it is original.

If I challenge you compare your measurements with comercial/pattern sizes ,we would see none of us it’s a standard size.

So hopefully if we learn our fit, we can make and buy ourselves gorgeous clothes to match our personality! So I will continue my quest for the perfect fit on step at a time with a big positive attitude. ( and Pati’s book on my side)

Have fun sewing!

See you tomorrow xx

  • This is what I need to learn: what patterns to buy so they fit me well. I tend to gravitate towards Skinny Minnie patterns that might look awful on me.

    Great tips!

  • Its hard to choose even when you feel you know your body. This is a good book and also getting a friend to help you as they see you different.