World-travelling lace and notions. VOL. 1

When Kat saw the outcomes of A Common Thread Project  she wished she could be part of it too and decided to invite the girls of the Sewing Circle community to try to have a go. Load of us wanted to participate as its a bit obvious why, as the idea of getting something pretty in the mail from another crafty lady somewhere else in the world and then incorporating it into an outfit holds a lot of appeal. 
Want to know how we did it? We all decided a deadline, agreed the size of the envelopes and off we went to send beautiful notions around the world.
The participants were:  Charlotte P, Me, Debbie, Judy R, Kat, Charlotte T, Sarah, Cathe,Margueritedesigns, Shannon G, Jen, Deb, Meg, Corey, Mimi, Morgan H, Amanda. If I missed anyone, let me know.
Countries include: UK, USA, NZ,IT ,Australia and more.
You probably curious to see what I got:
Grazie Morgan- Italian lace. I am a lucky girl !
Here are my top 5 favourite projects completed: ( all were amazing- so hard to choose)
My number one is of course my swap buddy Mimi. She made a beautiful blouse and Flower band

My number two is the always very elegant Cathe

Charlotte P looks amazing in her skirt

Judy, you always make me happy and your creations are so fun.
Shannon creations is beautiful.
How wonderful to make a garment that someone else contributed to!

Tomorrow It’s House of Pinheiro 1st Month Anniversary! I am posting a giveaway, please comment for a chance of winning.

Then the next day I will post my dress withe the lace, I promise. see you tomorrow. xx

  • Hello, I’ve popped over via Debi’s blog.

    Ted has asked me to say thank you for offering to have him visit you in Rochester. He is very excited as he’s not been to Rochester before. If you are still interested, please email me to make arrangements at


  • I cannot wait to have him. I’m emailing u tonight x

  • What a lovely post! I really like everyone’s creations and thank you very much for the link. 🙂

  • How very,very sweet of you. I apprecaiate that so much..
    Also.. thankyou about my family. I am very proud of them..[Can you tell I am a bragging grandma? haha]
    Happy sewing..and you are fantastic!!!

  • hi hon, this is such a great post, and I feel amazed that you put me on it, thankyou. This is one of my favourite skirts only it has to be really sunny to wear it! I love the photo of you and mimi too!