World-travelling lace and notions. VOL. 2

For you that wanted to see what I used from my package, here it is:
I only used a metre on one type of lace. Over the year I will be adding it along my other projects.
Fabric: Cotton mix -£1.5 a metre Goldhawk road London
Patterns: See & Sew B5447
Styled with: Zara belt, Next bag and H&M ballet flats
Notions: Yellow zipper £0.80 + Italian lace – gift from traveling notions (so beautiful)
Time to complete:  7 hours
First worn: June 2011
Wear again? Yes.  Its so cute.
What I would do different?  I would improve the neckline and use cotton with stretch to be a bit closer on the body. I always have problems with necklines.
Would you do this pattern again? Yes. I am already buying the fabric for my next one.Its very simple. Pattern price isnt bad either. (£3.40)Also the pattern has a jacket and I would like to try to make that sometime  later this year. Total cost: with pattern,fabric and notions: £7.20
Rufles were added to pattern.
Here some of the production process:

Did you see how much height I need to add?

front  view!

 Now a quick stop for dinner. HRH did the most amazing seafood salad that I needed to show you. I am such a lucky girl. Sometimes I call him Mister grumpy but it’s this little thing that makes me love him every day more. He knew I needed to get this finished and he did dinner & wash up! Bless!

“for me? yummy!”

Amazing. Should I post the recipe?

Now, the next day “me made “photo shoot!

italian lace



Dont forget the giveaway of a beautiful pincushion and scissors holder, just comment here
Closing day june30.

Last by not least, I want you all to send positive thoughts to my dear fellow blogger Dibs as she just been though some surgery and it’s now recovering! Dibs, wishing you well and hopefully you will be back to your self in no time! x

lots of love,

  • Great touches to make this dress unique. Looks great on you too.

  • Hi Susan. Thanks. It’s was a good pattern so I defitivaly recommend. The fabric was so fun and up bit .

  • LOVELY dress! Great addition of the lace!

  • Morgan H

    So cute! I love your fabric choice and the belt is perfect. I’m glad you were able to find a way to use that beautiful scalopped lace!

  • A dress with a delightful array of colors! You look sun-sational!

  • Morgan, I cannot thank you enought. The package you sent was amazing.

  • Heather, your play on words brought a smile to my face.

  • The fabric is amazing. I can’t believe you only got it for that good price. I love the combination of lace and ruffles. very pretty. its exactly something i would do myself on a project.
    and thanks for the lovely thoughts. I’m feeling much better, testament to overdosing on pain killers.
    Are you coming to Brighton on saturday? I should be well enough by then to come, so we are definitely going to start the drinking there. lol

  • I know, I came back for more fabric and it was gone, and he had one similar but was already 3.50 a metre. So I didnt get it ! Saturday is my birthday so I dont know what I am doing. We can arrange a place in between brighton/rochester – like london. What do you think?

  • oh, after the 25… just in case !

  • oh its your bday is it? aww….we should meet up to celebrate. i live in london so that should be easy for me. depends on what you want to do. but i am going to brighton in the morning for the meet-up, so if you are not coming to brighton, i could meet u later in london if you don’t mind me lurking around you on ur bday…lol

  • Your dress is so lovely and the lace looks fantastic on it! The belt is absolutely perfect.

  • Hi Meg. Thank you. I wanted to do something nice for the lovely lace I got in the travelling notions.

  • What a sweet little dress–so perfect for the summer. The way you accessorized it makes the ensemble a real winner.

  • Hi Kathryn… Thank you .. I wanted to make it special because of the lace I got from Italy…