Are you settled on your ways?

I have been sewing for almost 2 years now and I still consider myself a beginner because I am always trying to sew a different garment and try a new skill. So I never do the same twice… If it doesn’t turn out good I move to another item. One thing that all my garments have in common is my reluctance to read the instructions.. I know… I should but I hate when they show you how to do it around the body and once if done and you need to adjust something everything goes undone. I like sewing side seams last…  That’s it… I confessed – I am rogue seamiest. To my defence I am very thorough on my preparations and on my marking and nicks are always there. I am also quite strong on making sure the alterations are done before cutting fabrics.
 So do you wonder how to do it? I always sew (top level)
Darts and other details as pleas, tucks etc…
Centre back seam until zip mark
If it’s waisted- darts, waist seam, them centre back seam.
Darts and other details
Waist seam
Side seams
Neck finishes
Sleeve or sleeve finishes
And last is hand sewing tiding up.
So how about you? Are you settled on your ways?
  • Haha, love this post!Reminded me of me!
    Oh, my…there is always something new to learn…
    and many ways to do it.

  • Hi Barbara, so how long have you been sewing?

  • Heeee…Good question. I’ve done my 10 000 hours of sewing a few times! I started sewing by hand, then took a course to learn how to attach the lining to a jacket! It was in the mid nineties…:-)
    You know, you always sew (do things) according to your nature. I’m impatient also, but I learned through mistakes the advantage of reading the instructions (if I can’t figure something out) and making a test garment! It is so worth putting the extra time into that.