Birthday Gifts( yes.. they are all sewing related)

Once you have hobbies that you are very passionate about it… you end up only getting gifts related to that.. And who is complaining. I am very blessed my family and friends like giving me wonderful fabrics, sewing books and tools…   Do you want to have a peak on what’s new on my stash and library??

Directly from Brazil with love from Grandpa and Grandma with a little help from mom

Cute buttons

More cute buttons
My friend Cris was at home in Brazil during my bday and I am told when she arrives I’m getting more cute brazilian buttons… yeahhhh !  
From HRH little brother & his wife and my nephews(the 4 dogs , the chickens and the snake )
My wonderful in laws got me a quilting foot for my machine on the way- hurry up Mister Post Man !!!!
My friend Kiran read my 30 to 30 post and sent me this- sweety !

what a amazing card !!!

HRH paid for them in Portugal so it’s technically a gift. They are Japanese buttons… 

For my recipe books??

See my Portugal shop post for more info where to get some. (ovelha negra)

I got this myself from Mom’s b-day £

I also have enrolled myself in a photograph workshop for 2 days this weekend so I am very excited to learn a bit more of the subject and maybe be able to give you some tips… and that comes with a new camera, gift from mom and dad since little digital died( I had little digital for 8 years when I won  it in a competition)

Hurray…. Im been sewistly pimped !( new invented term)

Maybe new changes on the posts soon to reflect new knowledge and that will include some camera research too…

Now for the new books:
This should be interesting…

So many interresting ideas.. cannot wait to use it…
 Now time to organize it all !
HRH reaction was so funny for me .. he said grumply that I must stop getting fabric for decoration and doing something produticve… I said they were all gifts my gifts! He doesnt believe me of course !

Tyde buttons…
No buying week for me for some time after all that !!!
Wondering that will be a great giveaway of 100 followers to let you choose a meter of fabric from my stash!
  • All your gifts are so lovely! I’m so glad to see you had a great birthday, my friend 🙂 Your buttons are simply delightful!

  • thank you ! I feel really blessed to have amazing family and those wonderful gifts…

  • Happy birthday lovely! Mmmm books, I acn never resist and they are always top of any of my birthday lists!