Cute bows for your flat sandals tutorial.

This tutorial use leather but feel free to use any other fabric that can be a bit stiff and other materials you fancy. Customization it’s about making it your own way to suit you!!
1 flat sandal
2 strips of 32 x 3 cm blue leather
 2 strips of 17 x 3 cm lilac leather
 2 strips of 40 x 0, 5 cm beige leather
Upholstery thread and needle, a pair of scissor
Cut a strip of 15X3 of the blue leather and fold in the middle, sew the sides. To give shape to the bow, sew a strip of 3×2 cm in the centre, very tight. Do the same with the lilac leather.
Separate a strip of the blue leather of 15×3 cm
Make a fringe by cutting one of the ends, 6 cm in size. Fold the fringe in half and sew behind the blue bow.
Attach to your sandal
Now with the beige leather, roll in 8 cm pieces around and make a bow in the top front of the sandal.
Repeat for the other shoe.
Other ideas:

Translated from manequim magazine( 2011- Brazil)
Lots of love