Fabric broche Tutorial

You got some spare fabric lying around? Why don’t you use some to make these cute brooches? They work well with fabrics without stretch like cotton and bright colours will look so cute during the day or at the beach.
You can add to a bag or some shoes. If you want, you can make in this in silk, use feathers and beads for night accessory.
You need 3 pieces of fabric with the following sizes 20, 15 e 10 cm (w) and 5, 4 e 3 cm height. One cute button, one broche pin , scissors, thread and needle.

Start by giving a not in the end of the thread and with the needle start to pierce the fabric in and out forming a gathering stitch and that will form a gather circle. Do the same with the other fabrics. Joint the 3 fabrics in other of size and sew a button in the middle hiding where you started to sew. Now sew the brooch pin on the back and have fun!
Translated from mannequin magazine- Tutorial and images ( 2011- Brazil)

Lots of love,