Guest Blogger- Welcome Cris!

Hi dear readers, Its so much fun to see someone else do a guest edition on blogs that was time to invite my gorgeous best friend to share some of her creations. She doesn’t have time write a full time blog so loved the opportunity and you will se a lot of her around here. We meet in Sept 09 on our 1st sewing class ever and been friends even since, sharing our love for Brazil (yes, she is Brazilian- how lucky is that and she lives just 10 minutes from my house), sewing and so many other things .All through this week you will get to know her a bit more and see what she is being sewing lately!
She is absolutely fun!
Model: Cris / Hair& makeup+ photografer : Me
About me: I started sewing in 2009 because I struggled to find good quality clothes that fit me and that create my own style. My goal for this year is to improve on my current skills and perfect dresses. I want to be able to look at one dress and say “yeah, I know how to do it” by simply looking- without pattern. I know it’s a BIG goal but I am motivated to achieve.  I see a big difference on how sewing is teach in Brazil and I miss the way we learn and wish things could go faster in class.
My style: I feel inspired by 60s and vintage but also classic & elegant style. I love timeless pieces. I don’t like shopping for shopping so I always look for something is timeless and I can wear in any occasion.
My style crush is the desperate house wives wardrobe from Gaby (Eva Longoria) and Bree (Marcia Cross) I such a big fan of the series and love watching what their wear…
Gaby is always seen in bright colours and body con dresses and never undressed for the occasion.
Bree is often seen dressed in knee high, form fitting severe dresses with high necklines that look smart and perfect.
Favourite fabrics are the ones full of colour and prints.I love sewing with cottons, specially the ones with 3 % spandex as they are so easy to handle, and the after care of the garment. I also love using tweed in the winter and I am planning to make a tweed dress this winter.
I hate using silk satin as I didn’t really manage to work well with it as its so slippery and even using so many tricks ( pin horizontally / sticking in place with seletape ) I didn’t really enjoy working with it. I love the look, don’t get me wrong.  My other next project for A/W is wool a red coat.