“Ideas come from everything” — Alfred Hitchcock ( Sew weekly Challenge)

This week challenge. It’s all about Alfred Hitchcock. In Mena’s words, this week, we draw our inspiration from the films of Alfred Hitchcock and the (mostly blonde) women that were impeccably dressed by his costume designers, including the legendary Edith Head.  
Another great actress in his films that comes to my mind are Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren.

Although my choice is less know, I couldn’t resist to choose Anny Ondra in Blackmail because of the fab  nightdress she wore at the climax of the film…and my goal became clear….I decided to go looking for vintage nightwear to be refashioned.  
Blackmail (1929)  
Alice White is the daughter of a shopkeeper in 1920’s London. Her boyfriend, Frank Webber is a Scotland Yard detective who seems more interested in police work than in her. Frank takes Alice out one night, but she has secretly arranged to meet another man. Later that night Alice agrees to go back to his flat to see his studio. The man has other ideas and as he tries to rape Alice, she defends herself and kills him with a bread knife. When the body is discovered, Frank is assigned to the case, he quickly determines that Alice is the killer, but so has someone else and blackmail is threatened.
The facts:
Items: thrifty vintage looking (30s) nightgown & wedding lace. Added a invisible zipper on the side seam.
Fabric: Label is long gone, looks like silk. I cannot run the burn test to see if its fake or not, but doesn’t matter. Time to complete: 20 minutes
First worn: 2011 indoor. Unless it’s cool to wear nighties outside I don’t think I will wear it much.I may refashion the lace later.
Total Cost: I wont tell how much I spent on the items as they were quite expensive for thrifty and HRH don’t need to know… so it’s our little secret, ok… both items were bought on the internet.
Camera: Old Olympus X785 as little cannon RIP.



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 Model & Photographer: Me.
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