Lace dress Tutorial!

Use beads, trims, lace or any other notion to transform a simple shirt that maybe it’s forgotten in your wardrobe into a fashionable little dress
One silk shirt (that fits your upper body nicely)
1 piece of lace with 40 cm x 1,10 m (w)
1 piece of silk with 80 cm x 1,10 m (w)
6 packages of different sizes and styles beads with 200g each
A pair of scissors
Needle and thread/ or sewing machine
Un pick the side seams of the shirt and pin the silk piece – that will became the “lining” for the rest of the dress.(lace)
On the wrong side sew the lace 80cm from the hem of the lining.
Sew the lace to the lining using invisible stitch
You can add the beads as finishes by contouring the lace and filling open spaces.

Translated from manequim magazine( 2011- Brazil)

Lots of love !

  • Oh goody. This is so cool. Do you have copies of manequim? I have been looking for them for ages ever since I read about them from the fehr trade blog.

  • Yes, I have and others Brazilian pattern magazines. They are so good. I will translating this week loads of little fun and easy refashioning tips !!!

  • beautiful!!!