Monday morning!

Good morning! Its not even lunchtime and I feel like going to bed already. It has been a very busy weekend and my bad back is killing me although it was my own choice to do an intensive photograph workshop.
Dealing with disabling pain is been part of my routine now for about 2 years due to a back injure… but nothing happens without a reason and I probably would never had started sewing if I didn’t had so much free time once the problem began, so I wont bored you with my heath problem…
Let’s talk about the photography course then… I love it. I learned a lot and hopefully will be able to give you some of this knowledge. Not today thought as my brains took off… I was afraid last night that I was going to dream about apertures and shutter speeds, studio measurements & lamps and F stops. Thankfully I didn’t but it wasn’t the restful sleep I needed.
Since I arrived from my holiday I have started a dress and manipulation of a jacket pattern, without saying I also started a new quilt (no, I didn’t finish the 1st one) and a lot of UFOs to complete, and 2 book covers to sew…. I don’t know if I will sew any garment this week… I really need to get my act together.  

Changing subject …Mr Postman broght today my giveaways wins from Suzy!!!!  Thank You!
I will be reading this later on ( the sofa maybe? ) and having a peak on the blouse pattern.
I still got to do so many things this week so my posts will be a bit short. My friend Cris keep asking me why I do that to myself by arranging so many things to be done at the same time on top of my heath treatement … I think it’s because I like to keep my mind busy as it distracts from constant back pain …  Maybe she is lazy day in front the TV wouldn’t kill me… so I hope to have one sometime this week. 

Enough of talking (would I ever write a really small post? I guess not)
See you soon!