My worst creation.

Well, everybody that sews knows that not always you get to achieve what you were looking for once you start a project.
Most of the time these creations become UFOs or their fabric re cut to be used for something else. The thought of showing this to anyone would make most of us cringe.
I feel that because it’s such a common problem,  I wanted to share with you my worst of all creations and let you know the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned.
Here we go:
1st mistake: Bad choice of pattern
My hourglass figure is top heavy, therefore I should try to cover the worst part and  let best part to be the main focuses. Not really what I done choosing this pattern as it very tight on the top, highlighting my bust , with a short waist, leaving me with a boxy shape and a lot of volume where I am slimmest. Also this pattern shape is very childish which look very silly on me.
Lesson learned: Look for flattering shapes ( know your body) For me, I need fitted on a longer waist and more age appropriate. I.e., princess seams, shift dresses etc,
2nd mistake: Wrong choice of fabric for a beginner.(  My 1st dress)
The fabric I choose was very slippery and easily fraying and worst- marked all the pins so every mistake as visible.  I later discovered that was a polyester type of organza.
If you are an experience seamiest you know that organza is a very hard fabric to manipulate and have a lot of special techniques to use it.
Lesson learned: beginners should start with natural fabrics like cottons, linens, wools, tweeds… etc.
From those 2 main mistakes, everything I did just added to the disaster and the silly mistakes just started to pile up, like zipper not matching etc.
I was determined to finished even knowing that I would never ever be seen wearing, so I persevered to the end, until I managed to finish.
Here are the Facts:
Fabric: Polyester
Patterns:  Burda 7739
Notions: 22 Inc zipper and matching thread + beads
Time to complete:  About 3 months
First worn: Never – Completed Dec 2009
Wear again? No and either I would do this shape/pattern again for me.
Total Cost: £6 a metre .Used 2 metres
Review:  This was a very hard journey with a lot of stress, tears, and a couple of bloodied fingers. This pattern is not different from others but my choices of using and fabric that made it wrong. I had to do modifications on the body height, bust size, sleeve hole and neckline. I don’t recommend if you are over your teens! This fabric also hated the iron so PRESS was almost impossible.
If I had to do it again I would makethe body longer and less gathering on the stomach.
Today I’m proud that I persevered during that time instead of trashing away all the hard work I had already put in it. Although I don’t wear it I like to keep as my personal reference in my sewing room.

Do you have something that went bananas on the way? Want to share with us?

see you tomorrow ! xx

  • I don’t keep any of my flops. They are promptly picked apart and put in the scrap box!

  • I give you major props for finishing something you are less than excited about. I too have made the mistake of making a less than flattering item… usually if it started out as a dress, I turn it into a tunic, slap on some jeans and heels and pretend that it was supposed to be that way. I agree with Shawnta – is there any way to pick it apart and save the scraps? A skirt, perhaps? Your trim is delightful – it plays off the colors in the piece really well.

  • Lately i’ve been getting lots of these. It can be quite frustrating sometimes.

  • I will save the trim but I hated so much sewing this fabric that I doubt I want to use it again… maybe a cushion… later. It’s the only item I didn’t scrap because its a good reminder of how to do sleeves , and peter pan colar …..