Sheathsonize me

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.
Here are the Facts:
Fabric: 100% Linen (black and hand printed) both from Cloth House
Pattern: McCall’s 6028
Notions: 24 Inc zipper and matching thread
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: 2011
Wear again? Yes with  further modifications
Total Cost: £40
Pattern alterations or any design changes: Bust alteration and added 3 Inc in body length. I used version  B (with the contrast panel).
Conclusion: I felt in love when I saw this pattern on the internet, as it not always you like the photo in front cover. This is a timeless shape (Sheath).I thought the price was a good investment with 4 cute variations.
Linen as it’s very breathable fabric makes me feel great and cool this summer. The disadvantage of using linen as it doesn’t wear very well. I don’t normally follow the pattern instruction and worked fine for this pattern, the only time I really had to refer to it was when I needed to sew the facing, and the instructions were clear. So I would recommend and say it’s a good pattern.

Now on Ruth !

She needed socks to fill up !!!

happy sewing !

  • Haha I’ve ended up putting an old bra stuffed with fabric scraps onto Maybell (my dummy). Love the dress, the panel fabric is gorgeous 🙂

  • ehehehhe yes… we need to find creative ideas to make ours manequims look more like us…

    Thanks, I loved the fabric of the panel…

  • What a lovely dress!

  • thank you Erica. I love the fabric but I am unsure about this pattern !

  • Amy

    Gorgeous! I love that you can get away with a small amount of fabulous fabric by limiting it toa single panel down the center front. I’m always spending more money than I should on my fabrics (but I love working with nice quality), so this would be a way to make the most of a nice design. How much fabric did you need to make the front panel? Is it all one piece or could you piece it together from less yardage? Thanks!

  • Hi Amy. The front panel was one yard. It’s one piece butvim sure u can piece other smaller pieces like a patchwork….

  • This is a really cute dress and I absolutely love the contrasting zipper in the back! The fit is perfect on you! Great job!

  • Hi Myra, thank you !

  • Lovely dress! Both fabrics are well chosen! It’s really terrible effective! I love it!

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