How to make a fabric flower tutorial

As promised…

Select your fabric and size of the petals for your flower.
Its a great way to use scraps and for perfect circles nothing better than plates and cups.

For one flower you will need 5 circles of the same size…

Fold the circles in half, I find useful filling them at this stage, you may fill them later if you prefer.

 than fold them again…

 Starting from the 2 piece fold, thread a neddle with a knot in the end and start sewing

 IN and OUT until you make a gathering on the fabric…. this is the basics of this project…

 So now the you know the basic steps, lets finish one complete flower with me…

 Once you gathered the 1st petal, if you havent stuffed yet, its the perfect time before you close it,

 You will continue to gather the next petal using the same thread from the 1st and so on…

 Once you finish all the 5 petals, you can close you flower as tight as you wish and finish with a cute button…


  • Yay! Thank you! I’ve alwaysed loved the one’s you made me! Thanks again!

    How’s your recovery going?

  • Very cute!

  • super cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  • Glad you liked.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for the tutorial. Am anxious to try them

  • Thank you very much. I know a lot of little girls who will enjoy the scraps from my quilts. Great for christmas stockings, Easter baskets, bows on birthday gifts, and even Holloween give aways…. but they do so enjoy the popcorn. so maybe no. lol Everyone enjoy making these.

  • Thank you, I know lots of little girls who will enjoy these in Christmas stockings, Valentine cards, Easter Baskets, and for Halloween. Oh and as bots on their birthday gifts… I am very excited.

  • Hi! I love these but I have a couple questions. When you start the gathering stitch, are you doing it on the raw edges or the folded edges? I’m assuming the raw. Also I am not quite clear on where you are stuffing the petals. the pictures didn’t show how you did it. Thank you so much!

    • I stuff when I’m folding the circle into a quarter but as I mention above you can stuff before closing you gathers. Yes on the raw side. X