I should be coco- Chanel Jacket Vol 3- Progress (Cutting)


Lay fabric, fold, right side up.

 Considering the grain, lay the pattern on fabric and secure with pins.

To find the grain, you’ll measure over to the top and bottom of the grainline arrows from the selvage (the finished edge of the fabric).
Trace the seam allowance .

Cut the fabric, remenber that fabric almost always shrinks more along the lengthwise grain than the crossgrain

 Cutting process done…

Cutting Tips:

Before you can cut your fabric, you should consider the fabric grain because the way you cut can affect the way the fabric will hang and drape. There are three types of fabric grain.
Lengthwise grain refers to the threads in fabric which run the length of the fabric, parallel to the selvedge of the fabric.
Crosswise grain as the threads that run perpendicular to the selvedge of the fabric or the cut edge of the fabric as it comes off the bolt.
Bias grain the thread line that is at a right angle to the lengthwise and crosswise grain of the fabric as it is on the bolt. The bias has stretch in woven fabric and will hang differently than a garment that has been cut on the straight or crosswise grain.

Happy sewing

Progress of my jacket is going slow, since the weather here is amazing….
Apologies for the outfit. I couldn’t resist having a swim or sun bathe in between steps….