Think Pink Panther- Sew weekly challenge

 “Miss Pink dress” is one of my most accessed post but I didn’t wanted to stay sweet with a dress, instead I went sassy and pink- pantherish ! I went for candy trousers.
Fabric: Pink cotton stretch
Patterns:  Same as previous
Notions: 5  reclaimed zippers
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: 2011
Wear again? Not sure.
Total Cost: from my stash.. I know… lost on the UFO /give away pile.. who would thought ??
Modifications: Men! what did I decided to do??? I thought that I could use my 1st trouser pattern as my hips stayed relative the same size and inspire my modifications on new Colette ‘s clover pattern !!!
I originally drafted the chinos on my leg lengh of 1.17 cm, so for this challenge I made it shorter to 1.12cm .

I cut the fabric as previous,then on the back of my pattern, just below the knees I  removed the fabric from both back legs to gather and then adding the 41,5 cm zippers leaving space to atach it back also getting rid of the 5cm the gap created.

For the 2 fake front pockets(zippers)at the front instead of creating a real pocket , I  measured where I wanted they and with my chisel I left cut and I skillfully sew my zipper on that space. Took me time!!
To secure in place on the back I added 2 strip of fabrics of 4cm x 11cm and secured them on the waist band and on the side of the each leg – diagonally.

Then sew the trousers side seams, narrowering from the knee and finally added the 7,5 cm  front zipper .

It kinda worked !!! What do you think?

  • They look fabulous on you! You’re so good. I’m jealous 🙂

  • Im good in getting myself in trouble… I have been busy like mad!

  • hi hon. Been meaning to call you. will do so later today. Good to see you are up and running already. love the pants. shocking pink. lol.

  • Hey Dibs… MISS U ! need catching up…

  • Those trousers are super sassy, love ’em !