Brazilian party favorite! A Twist of the original party must have- “Brigadeiro”.
2 cans condense milk
6 egg yolks
12 spoons of cocoa powder
1   heaped tablespoon Butter
Pre heat the oven 200C
Mix all ingredients together and put on a oven proof dish and baked in “Bain- Marie” until forms a crush on the top. (About 30 – 40 minutes)
To do the original Brigadeiro!
1 cans condense milk
5 spoons of cocoa powder or chocolate melted
1 tablespoon Butter
Mix all ingredients in a pan on low heat and keep mixing until it changes consistency. Keep cooking until you can see the end of the pan.
Leave to cool down and roll into balls and decorate to taste.

Use your creativity to decorate or the traditional chocolate sprinkles !

Lots of Love,

Images from Google, recipes from family book !

  • I’m getting fat just looking at it!

  • This is so delicious ! We grow up having it every birthday party !

  • ooh I love brigadeiraos. Thanks for the new recipe. It looks great

  • Im sure you will love it, every time we have it home is nothing left the next day

  • Anonymous

    How about the table cream? In others recipe I see that they put a can of table cream and instead of 6 yolks, just 3 eggs.
    Did you guys try this recipe? I want to try it but not sure!