Creative Make up ! Great for fancy dress party or Halloween!

I love the power make up gives you, not only to enhance a feature of your face but also as tool of pure creativity ! I would like to share 2 of mine mask style work to you ! I find this is a great way to have a instant costume for that fancy dress or halloween party !

Make up face charts help to structure the idea

This mask were created in paper and using a makeup spray (purple) to form the outshape of the mask.
I also had feathers glued to my lashes with fake lashes glue. Use only 2 colours. Purple and Blue. Lips are eye pencils. If you want more info, drop me a line.

This other one was “5minutes” before party mask look. So no face chart and sprayed mask.
Its not bad but if you are serious you should spend about more time in getting this look together . You can still use the paper pattern to help you form the right shape. The one below is free style- 5 min Im out of the door.

Used red lipstick, orange eyeshadow and black eye pencil.

I also have a romantic goth look if you want to check it out.

Lost of love and let your creativity loose!

Happy Halloween !

  • This is fabulous! I will definitely keep this in mind for next year 🙂 Love your makeup designs!

  • Thanks my friend. I am creative soul!!!