Cris & Luiza’s Halloween Costume

I know you missed Cris and she is back with this adorable costume for her niece Luiza.

Isn’t Luiza looking adorable. 

 Cris used a magazine pattern from the October issue of Craftseller, in which there were many halloween crafts and ideas. 

Athough Luiza is between 4-5 yrs ,Chris decided to cut a bigger size so she can grown into the costume and cut 6-8 yrs old.  
She found the instructions very difficult to follow, especially the assembly, and after chatting with me we agreed that she shouldn’t and we worked around it.
For example, it instructs you to sew the face after the front has been assembled which would make the inside very tight .   
 Ziz zag and boom, The face looked great ( Ps. Cris made the mouth a bit smaller than the original)
 Another alteration was making the neck bigger.

The back lining was a smaller pattern than the front (orange) and it caused a lot of fitting issues, so next time she will cut both  from the same pattern.

 Now to the attachments:

 After taking the photos we decided that the collar should not be detachable …

The hat is also very simple and you can increase the size by adding another triangular section. So the costume is also adult friendly

Well done Cris, This looks great !
Happy crafting.