Giselle’s Hair is also for you!

How to set your hair with sexy brazilian waves in simple easy steps.

The best way to achieve a soft and wavy look is to be very careful with the setting of your hair so preparation is very important.
Your hair should be soft and hydrated. You can apply a mask a day before or prep damp hair with a smoothing cream as this will help to reduce frizz.
Use a fine-tooth comb to create a strong part of the left or. right side of the head.
Use size of a golf ball of volumemizer mousse foam into damp hair and massage into roots for volume and shine.
Blow hair dry with a large ceramic round brush, curling ends under.
Pin top section of hair up with a large clip so sides are free for curling. Use a large-barrel curling iron on one-inch sections of hair at a time, working from the bottom up.
Remove pin from top section and curl as done on the sides.
Finish with a mist of hairspray for light hold and pull ends forward to rest on shoulders

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  • Oh! So beautiful! I have a sad hair …. many problems to get beautiful curls, the hair also is a day on my hair … wow! I’m really jealous of your beautiful hair!

  • your hair looks so lovely and healthy!