Just out of the oven….

I have not planned to make a cake today ( Diet is going badly.. No pound lost yet) .

The plums needed to be eaten but were far too sharp.

Also we wanted a excuse to open the most delicious and thick sherry we bought a couple of weeks ago…

The cake is a very basic sponge…

175g / 6oz butter
175g / 6oz caster sugar
2 eggs
175g / 6oz self-raising flour

splash of vanilla extract
Plums and good quality sherry (Pedro Ximenez)- Soak them for about 30 mins ( I heated the plums with a bit of sugar and sherry on the microwave -covered- for 3 mins to soften)

Bake 190C for 30 mins….

Beat the butter and sugar 1st them add the eggs , vanilla extract and flour… Very creamy batter.

Add fruit on the botton for an upside down cake… and the mixture on the top…

Enjoy !


  • A little bit of what you fancy won’t do you harm. I’m sure the pounds will fall off soon for you, don’t get disheartened and enjoy the plum pudding!

  • Thanks Hun… Tasted so good … Winter is here and its perfect time to eat cakes… Shame I cannot share it around

  • That looks so nice and easy to make I am going to try this when plum season starts. I like idea of soaking the plums in sherry….

  • Plums in cherry is the best part… I advice leaving a lot of the juice as it will it easier to free the cake…

  • Looks so yummy (if you loose any weight we wont be able to see you!)

  • Oh charlotte, you are so sweet but it would take a lot of weight got me to disapear !!! I only need to watch because of my back medication… but as mimi said a little bit dont do any harm ! xx