Moms birthday party ( Celebration of Spring)- The decour !

As promised, all the hard work payed off… 24 placemats, napkins, napkins holders, 2 table covers and a center piece quilt! Ufffff

Placemat details
Table cover and orange poka dot napkins
The cake
The cake and the quilt
Mom looking fab!
The placemats and the orange napkins ( red and green buttons as napkin holders)
In our outfits
Paella was the main dish
Happy bday mom
We love you!

Lots of love,

  • Ficou tudo maravilhosamente bonito!!
    Parabéns à aniversariante!!
    abraços de MF

  • wow, what a great job! Will your dress be for SW orange challenge?

  • that’s amazing – you are so clever, happy birthday Mrs P

  • Thank you.

    It was my bday gift so I really wanted to make it special… I wish I had more time to craft/sew in the Uk. Since I arrived from Brazil I had very little time to be creative.

    I had dream of sewing last night as its been a couple of weeks that I dont dont touch the machine… heheh adiction?

    I also have to say that crafts, per their project simplicity …are very satisfaying to make because you have something ready to show in very few hours. I recommend !

    I dont know what to do for the orange challenge yet.

  • That is gorgeous…you are very clever!

  • Oh I want to adopt you! My darling daughters wouldn’t go to so much trouble.

  • Everything turned out just lovely! Thanks for sharing 🙂