And the ‘owop’ winner is…

You voted on versatile  Cynthia Rowley Tulip skirt 2512.     

Last year it was my skirt shape of choice. It is so cute and flattering !

So here its what I have to play with:

  • Yay! I think this suits you so much, can not wait for next week. I’ve decieded to join in too.x x x

  • That is a great skirt on you and a good choice of fabric…I have the pattern in my stash, and I have been wondering how did you do the front, with bias? or have you lined the skirt.

    • I overlocked and turned in by 3/4, securing with top stitch …

    • You did a really good job that is the part of the skirt I would probably make a mess so it’s good to know how you did it, thanks!

  • Love this skirt..sooo pretty on you
    I think my favorite is the white and red pretty

    • mine too, and i have to police myself to not wear it all week LOL

  • Cool, I can’t wait to follow this!

    • Its such exciting week.. I hope to manage to style accordingly with crazy brit weather..