A beautiful woman…

Early this week it was the 20 years anniversary of the death of my dear Grandmother Rosa.

Although is been a long time, her absence is still very much missed as she was the glue of our family.

She was such strong woman, raising 7 children by herself with the early death of my grandfather. My mom at the time was only a 3 month baby!

And a personal inspiration to me… as she was so humble, kind and just.

She also could sew and cook fantastically ( I hope one day to decipher her cookbook)

This post is bringing tears to my eyes, so I will stop here…

I just wanted to make today post a homage to all strong woman out there today.

Grandmother Rosa
Happy international woman day !

For more information about today and events, here.
  • What a striking woman! Such beautiful style, and in the midst of raising 7 children? It appears that you have wonderful genes in your heritage – may you continue to inspire others, as she did you 🙂

    • Thank you Jilly, I do hope so. Im the only grandchild that took to sew and my family say I am a lot like her.

  • What a lovely woman; I’m sure she’d be proud to know you’re keeping her spirit alive in your own life and passions 🙂

  • Grandmother Rosa was also stunning! Thank you for sharing something so close to your heart, I’m sure she’ll be pleased that she’s remembered on such an important day as this!

  • yay for kind loving inspirational women in our lives.

  • Such a sweet post, it’s made me tingle. I love International Women’s Day – there are so many wonderful women out there to celebrate, and I love how it feels like there is a big international hug going on.
    I too, am sure that you are doing your Grandmother proud 🙂

  • A lovely post and a beautiful photo. What a nice hommage. x

  • What a lovely post! Such a lovely photo too it must be a lovely compliment to you to be told you are a lot like her!

    • thank you Sarah, indeed… i feel blessed to be follow on her footsteps

  • Rachel,
    How touching this blog was for me. Your grandmother Rosa is beautiful and How wonderful you shared her loving story for us.. I am so proud that she instilled the cooking and sewing in you.. That is fantastic.
    I too, had a wonderful grandmother. And I miss her so badly.. I only pray that I will be 1/2 the grandparent that these grandmothers were..

  • A great beauty…and a strong woman, a wonderful heritage that you have inherited XX

  • Thanks for sharing this! Your grandmother was so beautiful (and sounds like she was a lovely, amazing woman). I hope one day to set a strong example like my beloved grandmother.