Calling all Knitters, Sewist or creatives for a Big Project

When I went to the  “Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Event” with Pauline and Cris, besides seeing lovely fabrics, getting patterns for £3-£4 and examining costumers for Downton Abbey very close …
I was really excited about a particular project.

With the fund from the arts council and and 2000 volunteers knitters ( all ages and abilities) ,“Above and Bellow the waves’ was stunning to look at. 

The project took 5 months to sew together and raised £13,000 in donations for charity.Seeing this close was so inspiring that I felt  a) must participate on the next project…b) invite others to join this great fun activity.

During the event I interviewed Allison (creative force behind this project) and she handed me over the latest project call out for contributors.

We aim to create three extraordinary, themed and illustrated books, for completion in 2013. The books will be up to 9 foot high and 5 foot wide and will stand with the pages open.The first book will be themed as “Mythological” and at present we need Cream and White squares to form the pages, 8ins/20cms Square, preferably not chunky.We also will need 4in squares or diamonds for his scales of the dragon in shades of Red and Green.The second book will be themed “Nature” and for this we need leaves of all shapes and sizes in natural colours (Greens, Browns, Oranges or Russets etc)

Besides the squares, any mythological creature no larger than 10′ 

Examples: Devils,witches,gargoyles,angels,varies in 2D or 3 D. 

The nature must not have people, but you can do spring flowers, blousons, 
insects, butterflies,(spring) cliffs, rocks, squids, boats, seagulls ,shells 
(summer), leaves, twigs ,hedgehogs, deer, fungi, conkers (autumn), snow, 
sheep, holly, mistletoe, ivy (winter)

Or feel free to use your  imagination and skills within both themes.

I had opportunity to spy on real size, beautiful giant Dragon head that will form the spine of the book. 

So If you to want to join in, please do… It’s very easy, just make your item and send it direct Allison. 

Knitting, crochet, felt, fabric in squares of 8’x8′ in white, cream, pale blue, green….or on the specification mention by Allison.

You can contact her by email or send your item direct to her:

Alison Murray “High Rising” :Northdown Road;  Bideford ; North Devon ;EX39 3LP

If you are outside the UK and want to participate, it’s not a problem, send a little email to Allison and she will post you a photo of the complete project so you won’t miss out seeing the end result.

“Above and bellow waves” source Project Page

I’m getting busy planning my item ( I’m thinking Spring coloured felt and fabric flowers). I may even drop a tutorial or two…

I  can recommend this knitting resource {} for tips tc…

What you would do with this theme? 

  • Sounds like fun Rachel.

  • Rachel you are good to advertise this project – the display was very good and I may even get some wool and knit some squares myself.

    • it was, I had so much fun with you, we need to catch up again soon..

  • What a fun community project! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my dress. I thought yours was gorgeous!

  • it is so wonderful, I am visiting London this weekend and I think this maybe what I’m going to see. Totally inspring and I would love to join something like this. I think nature woodland and meadow scene with flowers and craetures.