Cris & McCalls 6465

What best friends are for, besides being there for good or bad? I may add, to cheer you up when you are tired and support my lack of sewing by showcasing on the blog, her lovely creations.

Thursday night, I was on the phone with lovely Zoe ,when my phone was buzzing non stop.
It was Cris, she dropped by as she needed to use our joint overlocker.. .Although its her turn to have it, she knows that with about 5000 words assignments delivery every week until end of this month means my sewing is very limited to crazy hours and indeed I wanted to finish at least the Mad men inspired by Sunday.( I hope to sew Saturday night)I got class now…

She  is on a sewing spree for dresses… I think after taking so long to finish her red coat meant she needed quick fixes. And indeed Mccall’s dress was just the remedy and it’s not even for her… Aww she is lovely !

Between me putting up the sleeves of my mad men dress and Chris, overlocking this dress.. she review these pattern.

Pattern description: Loose-fitting, pullover dresses have bust darts. A: shaped hemline. B and C: narrow hem for short sleeves or armhole ruffles. D: 3/4 length sleeve. A, C and E: purchased bias tape finishes armholes

Size: 14

Fabric: unknown ( It felt like a mix of tweed)

Notions: “Nada de nada” Nothing at all.

Time to complete:  On and off only a couple of hours, no more than 3. 

Did the pattern look like the picture: It does, Its a loose dress and it needs a belt. 

Did you make any alterations: Yes, I did my own facing to look more professional. 

First worn: On ‘Ruth’ for the photos .The lucky girl will get as Birthday present. 

Did you use any new skills: No this dress was a piece of cake.

Likes or Dislikes: I love how easy this is and its perfect for total beginners. Few seams and even a choice of bias binding. Enjoy making this dress. 

Lots of love

  • What a cute dress for ‘Ruth’…Chris– I bet she will love it..
    I love the belt too, so cute.
    Rachel, thinking about you and your busy school schedule right now..Sending prayers for you. Know it’s rough..I so remember ,those 2 hard years of trying to get through Respiratory Therepy school, [a husband, and 2 kids in school
    it seems like a million years ago , and then again the hard studying all night long..seems like yesterday,ha].. Just remember, it will all be over one day.. and You will be so proud you did it.. Hang in there, and I am SO happy that you have a good friend like Chris to help encourage you and help you with your blog..

  • what a lovely dress, the belt finishes off the look perfectly