From Sexy to Cute. ” Hearty Cardigan”

Here it’s whats you do:

Cut the sleeves off and make the hearts appliqué .

Hearts appliqué: You will need:
Heart templates,
Embroidery needle and thread
Sewing machine optional

How to:

Cut the heat shapes, sew a running stitch to join them together and the button.


I used my machine to embroidery stitches

Brother innovis 350.

Pin or baste in place and embroider the hearts on the cardigan


For the curled effect on the sleeves, stretch the cardigan while sewing. If not your taste, just sew the ribbon after hemming.


lots of love,

  • What a clever, simple and total transformation!!

  • What a crafty, smart girl …Love it.. looks cute on you. Hope your feeling better. And school work is going well.

  • This is so cute, it looks adorable on you!

  • really cute – I guess you are feeling better now – hope so.

  • Very cute refashion! You’re so clever!

  • That is a very cute little applique!

  • good luck in the little red dress competition – I voted for you.
    I’ve chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you like, you can visit my blog and grab it and post it on yours.