Girl about town in 50’s make up.


When I think about the gorgeous woman in 1950s, their feminine striking look come to mind. Their beautiful hair were softly curled, they gorgeous lipstick and rosy cheek.

We all in anticipation of the new season of MAD MEN, with the girls looking stunning and If you made your dress and need make up inspiration, here it’s a simple makeup tutorial with my favourite products . 

I started by appliying foundation (2) with moisturising , blending well then using loose powder to minimize shine.(3)

Combed my eyebrows for a defined arch.

Then I sweep a rosy blush (5) up and outwards starting at the apples of my cheeks.

I used a lip liner to create an outline of my lips. Then added my all time favourite lipstick. (1)

After sweeping a light, shimmery shadow across  my eyelids,  I took my  black liquid eyeliner pen (6) and and carefully line mine top lashes and curled my eyelashes with a thick coat of black mascara.(4)
Then lightly used (7) to finish the look. 

Authors own .
Ps, I’m not the only ‘girl about town’ !