Ideas from the secret box…

For those who either read Seek Speak or Moon Munkie know what I’m talking…

It’s the Mystery Make Give!

Darling Jemma from Moon Munkie, who I won a recent ‘cupcake pincushion’ giveaway, check photo on my Facebook page, decided to send  mystery goodies to follow bloggers and Seeks was the receiver of the original mystery box. Luckily for me she was volunteering to do the same….
I wasn’t going to miss a chance to get inspired by whatever was on the box..
Do I hear your asking.. so Rach, what did you get???
* drummers roll*

I got an wonderful selection….

From pattern, to bias, lace to silk…

It really cheer me up after having a such challenging week…

Plans to come soon… so excited ! Thanks again to lovely Seeks…

Ps: I am sewing a new MAD MEN dress … I hidden away the red joan for another time and I’m working on a floral betty. I promise you will see it soon !

  • What a great idea! I can’t wait to see what you make.

    • Thanks Jill, I got loads of ideas I just need to find a bit of time…

  • oh what a wonderful surprise.. Love it!!!
    Can’t wait to see the Betty dress.. Happy sewing.

    • Betty dress has all the pieces cut and i started sewing the front last night and hopefully tonight I can work on it a bit more..

  • What a wonderful surprise! and I hope your Betty dress turns out Betty-licious!

  • wow what a great surprise – look forward to seeing your Mad Men dress – hope the studying is going ok for you and my little software download helps.

    • Studying are killing me.. I sill didn’t manage to download the software as I been so busy… will as I cannot miss the change to keep reviewing lovely sewing classes.

  • I have just received mine and I love it!

  • Yay for mystery packages! Mine’s just arrived as well – can’t wait to get started on making things with it, so much fun! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you make with your selection of goodies.

  • Mine just arrived today too! So many lovely things. I have tons of ideas! Thanks for mentioning me in your page. I got the most visits I’ve ever had that day! Jemma xxx

    • Yahh, thats great.. I been using my pincushion and my needle holder and i love it.