Millionaires shortbread a brasileira!

To make this delicious recipe you need:

250g / 9oz / 2 and 1 quarter  cups of:  plain flour all purpose flour
75g / 3oz / halft cup of : sugar ( superfine works best)
175g / 6oz / 3 quarters cup unsalted butter, soft
If you are in Brazil or Latin America use ‘doce de leite’/ Dulce de leche. ( I did )
If note you will need to make the caramel :
90g / 3  1/2 oz / 7 tbsp unsalted butter, diced
90g /3  1/2 oz scant half cup of light muscovado sugar ( brown )
2x 397 g / 14oz cans of condensed milk 
Your favourite chocolate. Can be plain, milk, dark, white or all marbled . Its really personal choice.
I went for half dark , half pain (100g/one bar) and white chocolate starts
How to do:
Pre heat the oven 180C/ 350F/ Gas4 . Greaseproof your tin (mine 23×23) with butter or greaseproof paper.
Rub the butter with the flour and sugar until looks like breadcrumbs, work until forms a dough. Press the sought to cover the base.

Prick with a fork an bake for 20 mins. 

Its very light brown otherwise its overcooked.
If making the filling, put the butter, muscavo sugar and condense milk  into a pan and heat gently, stir constantly and once the sugar dissolve, bring to the boil. Once boiled, reduce heat and keep simmering, stirring every 5 mins until its thunked and turned caramel colour.
Pour the filling over the cooked biscuits and leave to cool down. I used ‘ doce de leite”my friend Cris gave me.

Once it’s cooled, melt the chocolate and cover. Decorate or not…

Settles quite slowly so I put mine on the freezer for one hours and took it out. 

It was a little piece of heaven !
 Ps. Judy, the additional measurements were for you !
  • Rachel. this looks wonderful. I am definitely going to try it.. thankyou for adding the extra measurements..You are TOO sweet.
    Now, a question?? How in the world , do you stay so slim and pretty cooking these wonderful desserts? Just look at me..ha

  • Rachel, it really isn’t fair that you can be so slim and eat desserts like this – I hate you even more now ha ha.

  • Yum, this looks lush!

  • Hehe but how said I don’t put weight lol.. I’m just a few stone heavier since my operation.. Life it’s too short to avoid desserts.. I cannot resist making delicious things …

  • Looks and sounds fabulous. If using dolce de leche, do you sub out the condensed milk, or add it as well? I’m fascinated – Guys and ?Dolls fan you see and Miss Sarah gets drunk on drinking ‘milkshakes’ called Dolce de Leche in Cuba 🙂

    • It is.. If you use dulce de leche don’t make the filling at all. xx

  • Rachel, I made this…Mine didnt look as pretty as yours..But oooooooooooooooooh so yummy.. I shared with the kids and they all loved it too!!![Kenny is still sick, with on appetite, so he didnt try it, will have to make again when he is better]

  • My favorite ….. we adore this, & I may have to give it a go myself….your pictures are very tempting!

  • Oh my. I just dribbled all over my keyboard. They look amazing. Right up my street. Far too dangerous for me to attempt. I know they say ‘a little of what you fancy’ but I would eat the whole lot! x

    • thats what happened here, heheeh… me and HRH eat it in 1 day…. sad to say I eat the most of it picking thought the day…

  • Hello from your newest follower! Ooh my favourite two things sewing and food. I can see I am going to enjoy following your blog

    • Hello Fashionista, welcome… Indeed.. food and fashion/sewing is the main areas here.. on my Facebook I also share other things like trends, discussions etc..I love new people joining in ! xx