Oh No again, why rushing its always a bad direction to take…

After a very stressful week, I tried to finish my MAD Men   rage Dress last night, neither less to say that went all wrong…

From the ill choice of my red fabric that frayed by the second, too delicate for good pressing and so unflattering shiny.From the waist up still saveable but I feel so tired that its worth taking a day off, relax, watch films, bake some more? lol

Sewing is suppose to be an enjoyable hobby but sometimes when we try to set up challenges and deadlines that are just one more ‘to do’ it end up being motive of stress.

Here is the monster dress…

So, did a challenge or a deadline made you rush and make ill choices?? Please share.

  • oh dear, this sounds frustrating. I once made a dress for a formal event and was running so late that I was still hemming it when our guests arrived for drinks…. Not ideal in any sense! Plus, because I was rushing, I did a terrible job (I was hemming satin on the bias). Worst of all? I didn’t try the dress on first, and hemmed it at a terrible length – about 3cm up from my ankle bone. FAIL πŸ˜‰
    I hope you don’t feel too bad about your dress.

  • It happens every now and then, I guess.

    • I feel so much better after sharing… I guess it’s nice to know we all go thought that

  • I feel this oh so often! It can be so disapointing when one an item doesn’t turn out as you wish but two all the ideas that go wrong for joining in a project. I have been struggling with the Colette sew along, but now I just know to let it go, it’s ok. Big hugs tho!!

  • oh I also have this personal problem where I take time with patterns and start sewing and it’s all going well, then my inner competition with myself starts to say” must finish NOW, faster faster” then I do and it starts to go wrong!! I’m learning though.

    • That’s what happen here.. Oh we need to relax, keep calm and sew slow .. Lol

  • Hello Rachel – yes, it’s quite demoralising when sewing doesn’t go well. I’m in the slow camp πŸ™‚

  • eeek, most definitely time to take a break and come back to it. Really hope you don’t have to take the zip out to save it, that bit looks fab πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kirsty, its so sweet of you that manage to find something ok with this dress…

  • Rachel.
    I am so sorry for the rushed feeling. I too.. do it quite often, having too much on my plate, and to much on the to do list ..Makes me feel pressured and rushed.. I dont enjoy the sewing and usually the item gets messed up..
    I made my daughters wedding dress[years ago], was trying to do the flowers, help make all arrangements. And dummy me, ‘Tried’ to make my dress too. Of course, it was the last thing on the list….and I was so rushed…. NO time left.. I had to wear it, with the facings not hemmed [just raw edges] No finishing on the inside..And it was a really beautiful fabric and dress. I was so disgusted with it..that after the wedding… I chunked it.lol
    Sometimes..we just have to slow down..and realize we are only human, and we cant do it ALL.lol
    Sending a big ole hug your way.. Slow down.. take it easy and know.. life will be easier and better when you finish school.. hugs,

  • Oh no! But don’t worry, we’ve all done it! Definitely give yourself a day off πŸ™‚ You deserve it!

    • for more that it pains me giving my only available day sewing , it was great I did it.

  • This happens to the best of us. I usually start off slow then I rush because all I want to do is try it on and see it finished. ahh never-mind we learn from our mistakes and sometimes all we need is just to relax when things start going wrong, take a a few minutes(hours even!!)out of the project and go then go back to it!

    • thank you Sarah, Indeed i learned that sewing deadlines need to be planned far in advance…

  • Oh yes, I’ve had things like that happen quite a bit when rushing, or when trying to fit into a challenge theme and I’ve ended up making something that just isn’t ‘me’ and never gets worn! Not so much fun, and it feels like such a waste of effort and potential with the fabric. πŸ™

    Hope you manage to rescue the top of the dress, after you’ve had a break from it!

    • I feel the even the top part isn’t me, so i may just chuck it on the rubbish

  • Oh that’s awful for you when you have put so much work into your dress and then everything is wrong. Your zipper is perfect if that’s any help… If you leave it for awhile maybe it will look better later on. I’m no good at rushing sewing and have a pile of failed projects some with really nice material that I wasted….

    • I know.. I felt that all the stress of my course work and other personal stuff just made me fell overwhelmed and reflected on my fail item. Indeed, its now put away for rescue whenever its the right time.

  • Oh Rachel, I feel your pain. I have messed up on more than one occasion, mostly trying to meet a deadline for a challenge. I made a concious decision not to partake in any online challenges this year, unless they were totally achievable with a big deadline and that the end result was going to be something useful and wearable! It sounds like you have so many of your own challenges going on right now that this is probably a sign to not rise to the challenges of others and to concentrate on your own… just for a bit! I wouldn’t be too hasty to throw it away though. Perhaps put it out of sight for a bit and then come back to it with a renewed enthusiasm. Maybe some embellishments or an overlay of lace or chiffon? Or maybe it will all straighten out when you put it on!! x

    • thanks for the tips Janene. I will consider it when my misery over this dress finishes… Now is focusing on tomorrow friday night sew and sunday afternoon to work on my other Mad Men option !