OWOP Day 2 and my embroidery work…

Lucky that I had enjoyed the glorious day yesterday because today was a completely different picture.
It was cold and the sun wasn’t out… the grey sky influenced my choice of outfit with my play of grey shades in contrast with bright yellow to brighten my day. I’m also not wearing make up to give a deserved break to my skin. Do you have make up free days??

Style with MadMan Jumper and Wool Skirt.
My embroidery is going well. I finished the iron in no time and started the rest of the design.

It’s going to be a crafters apron when I finish !
  • Oooh! I love it in that wool. I can’t wait to make this pattern. You’ve inspired me.

  • it looks great, high waisted really suits you.

    • Thanks Charlotte, and its my style.. I never used low waist clothes…

  • that looks great Rach, the sun took ages to come out here too, but eventually came out around 3pm – better than nothing.

  • Yay embroidery, so fun and simple 🙂 And I love wool skirts. I want to make one too!

    • Jo, Im in love with embroidery.. its dead easy !!! I recommend give it a go..

  • Very cute outfit and your embroidery looks great!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award! Participation is optional. Details on my blog 🙂 The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee

    • Thank you so much Jennifer, I will try to post it sometime next week.. its so kind of you to nominate me xx

  • OH! A crafter’s apron! It’s going to be ADORABLE with all of that fantastic embroidery on it!

    • I know.. Imagine me strolling around the house in between a sewing/crafters apron and my baking apron..

  • Awww the embroidery is so cute, the finished apron is set to look fabtastic!

  • Awww, the embroidery is way too cute! I love it! Gray and yellow is one of my favorite combinations, too!