OWOP Day 3… @Baking Extravaganza with Mela.

Another glorious day… and it was even nicer because I got to spend with Mela {Pincushion Treats} indulging in my other passion. BAKING! And what a spread we made!

The delicious homemade goodies were: Lemon Macaroons, Strawberry Macaroons, Scones, Finger Sandwiches, cupcakes… with a lovely Bubbly I picked on the way.
I would say that we had “proper english tea party.”
We have so many gorgeous pictures that they deserve a dedicated blog post including the macaroons recipes(tutorial), probably next week.
Did you guess what I was wearing??? Yes.. An apron made based on the Cynthia Rowley pattern.
The apron(s)…I made one matching for Mela, also deserve a dedicate post later next week, will include a tutorial/materials etc..
My Apron:


Mela’s Apron:


All the photos we were togethers are in Mela’s camera ( Thanks Gosh for tripods) so when she posts them I will re-post it on the blog… they are hilarious! Drunk? maybe… Hyper.. Totally! LoL
*updated* Stolen from Mela’s post
Thank you so much Mela for hosting this fun day and I can se many more coming around over summer.