OWOP Day 6 and tomorrow’s Plan.

Day 06

Original Post.”True Flower Skirt

Styled with: Malene Birger Top, Belt and Bag H&M, Scarf from danish market , Sunglasses and flats from Topshop.

Tomorrow it’s the end of the challenge and the girls will meet at B@1 cocktail bar in Kings Cross.
I was not planning to go as my lecture normally finish at 6pm and by the time I would get the train to London It would be quite late and imagine how surprise I was to be reminded today that instead of our Lectures, we have an event to go tomorrow in London{Inspiring Commerce: Creative MBA’s and the Business of Creativity

Talk about the universe aspiring in your favour. 

Lovely Karen, organiser of this get together, is having a cosmopolitan and I’m having a Mojito…

What are you having??

  • I love, love, love this skirt of yours and your entire outfit is so cool today! Have fun at the OWOP meet-up tomorrow…wish I could come!

    • Thank you Marie… Today’s felt like friday so I wanted something less expected… xx

  • A very cute Skirt, and the top is very nice too 😀

  • Thank you xx just had a look on your blog.. Great jewellery

    • Thanks, I hope to get more up soon so swing by again and see what new stuff i have got round to making 😀

  • Enjoy your night – and have a drink for me!!!!

    • I did.. Thanks for lovely thoughts.. Oh how I wish I could enjoy drinks to all of you my dear friends xx

  • So pretty.. Love the outfit..Have fun at the meetup..

  • Hi rachel! I love challenges t but what is OWOP? It sounds like you have been having a fun time whatever it is and I love your outfits this week, I could use a mojito too around now!

    • Tilly(and the buttons) organised a week of wearing favourite pattern made into many versions… I asked my readers to choose their favourite and I been staying it all week. Really fun x