OWOP outfits from Cynthia Rowley Tulip Skirt 2512

Hello my dear readers, 

My reflections of OWOP were:

  • My denim version was the easiest to co-ordinate on daily basis and it was hard to not wear it all week.
  • It was lucky the weather been unusually warm because I could not wear trousers.
  • Made me realise that I should make more day-to-day tops instead of cute dresses.
  • That my ‘wake up and go’ dress up worked well and restricted wardrobe made me more creative.
  • I felt part of a wonderful group of talented girls.

Thank you Tilly, great leadership of this online project and it was so much fun to participate.

Thank Karen, for organising last night.. 3 cocktails and I slept like a baby…

To Laura,Tamsin, Melizza, Alana, Joanne and Rachel, you girls rocked your outfits ! 
Tilly and Karen too! So much clothes envy for one night !

Source: Karen
Mela’s Chocolate Macaroon recipe {here}

Source: Mela

Source: Tilly
Source: Mela
Source: Mela

Source: Karen

Before we have a retrospected of my outfits, I had a confession. I failed on my “owop day 7” as I left my outfit and camera at home. Boooh! 

Day 01

           Styled with Vavavumm Dress + Sonia Rykel cardigan for H&M, and red pumps!

Day 02

Styled with MadMan Jumper and Wool Skirt.

Style with Zara Shirtdress and Footglove Deck shoes

Day 04 & Day 05 

Styled with: Mom old jacket, Sonial Rikel for H&M top and beige brogues.

Styles with Miss Selfridges Top, burgundy pumps and Hat from Accessorise.

 Day 06

So what of my versions of this skirt is your favourite and what day did you like the style best?

  • What a lovely pattern! I can’t pick a version because they’re all lovely – the skirt shape really suits you! xxx

  • It is a really great pattern. I feel I have also learnt alot from this weeks project. Have a lovely weekend.x x x x

  • Day 5 is my favorite. I love the blouse and hat combo.

  • I’ve loved seeing all your gorgeous outfits Rachel and I’m so pleased that you all had such great fun last night ;o)

  • Favourite is Day 2 – the wool skirt with the belt looks brilliant on you. Actually, they are a great fit …

  • Good on you! My favourite skirt is the roses print one 🙂 My favourite style is day 1 🙂 Hopefully one day I’ll have enough versions of the same pattern to do this!

  • I’m the same as Johanna – I love the roses skirt, and you look amazing on day one! (not that you didn’t look amazing every day 😉

  • Rachel, so proud you had fun, I so enjoyed seeing your many skirts being worn , each day.. My favorite was day 1.. However, I loved all 5 of them..
    Happy sewing.

  • i love day 2 best but they all look fab – you seem to have had fun

  • I like every skirt! But my favourite is the denim skirt.

  • I loved learning a bit more what you girls liked…

    Now to my favourite: The apron.. to think I spend all day eating lovely yummy tea treats made my day lol..

    Day 6, was the most comfortable and Day 01, I felt the prettiest.

    Im just wondering how I can shoot my photos to include my shoes too.. they are going unseen all this time…

  • They are all lovely, my favourite is the white rose print too!! I just think it looks so fresh and chic on you!!

  • Great to meeet you on Friday! I love your roses skirt with the red top – Fab!

  • I like day two the best – that fabric is great for the pattern! I actually just finished it myself and have to say that I like yours so much more! The shape definitely suits you, more so than I think it does on me (shorter, rounder). Did you adjust the pattern at all when making the gathered version? It looks much less gather-y, if you know what I mean. I think mine is just a bit too full. It could be the stiff fabric I used also… Either way all of yours look great!

    • yours looked really cute.. No I didn’t adjust the pattern. Maybe you are in between sizes and needed to make slightly smaller?

  • my favourite is the floral number ( days 1 and 6)- in fact I featured one of your pictures (with a link and reference to this post) as I just got that pattern for myself! Thanks for the inspiration