Pantone Spring Colour {Inspiration}

Credit: Pantone LLC 

I just loved the Tangerine Tango {remember when I posted on my Facebook months ago?} and thought would be great challenge inspiration.  However, as with all project i always look at my stash to figure out if I had something that could fit with the challenge.

Looking on my quilting fabrics I found the “perfect fabric’.

Hurray… Joel Dewberry and only £5.10 a metre…

The only downside was that being brought for quilting  it was only 90 cm.

I had to figure out the perfect pattern for that not only use less fabric but that I could sew it in between my assignments deadlines.

I had to  carefully consider the time I would spend on alterations so the search narrowed down to tops I already made.  I haven’t made many { Sorbetto, Taffy and Self-draft once shoulder }, the choice was relative easy. I would do my 3rd version of my Self Draft Top. (Blue cotton/ Red shantung)

Front pattern
Back pattern, closed with an invisible zipper.

*How to sew an invisible zipper tutorial.

Attach the right side of the zipper to the right side of the fabric – zipper teeth facing out.  Repeat the process to attach on the opposite side. Teeth out.

Baste in place. Mark with a notch 2cm above the end of the zipper so you know where to stop.

With the invisible foot attachment, roll the zipper and sew very close to the teeth on both sides, rolling it open .

And Im rushing outside for a couple of photos before sun is down…
  • Rachel..
    I am really liking the colors this year.. My favorites are the tangerine, cabaret, and margarita.. What a great idea to head to fabric stash and see whats in there , that is these colors… I love Joel Dewberry fabrics.. always so pretty..
    I can’t wait to see your blouse, I love the fabric. Happy sewing, and best wishes on your studies.. Hope your feeling better. Praying for you.

  • well done on your invisible zipper – thanks for the tutorial – love the fabric look forward to seeing the end result.

    • I never likes invisible zipper until I start sewing them right.. I’m loving it

  • The colour inspirations are lovely… love orange it’s my favourite!
    The colours on your fabric are very nice too plus it was in the sale (I love a bargain hehe!) can’t wait to see the final result!

    • This year “orange” its such a feel good colour…

      Me too… specially good quality fabric for less..

  • Thanks for the tutorial on the invisible zipper….they totally scare me! Very nice fabric I like it!