Book Review: Linen and Cotton. Classic Sewing Techniques for Great Results

Name: Linen and Cotton: Classic Sewing Techniques for Great Results

 Author: Susan Khalje

About the Author: Khalje, director of the Couture Sewing School and author of Bridal Couture (Krause, 1997)

 Cost: its out of print

 Format: Paperback 140 pages

 Product descriptions as per publisher: A guide to sewing techniques for linen and cotton which provides information on: fabric and design combinations; pattern preparation; construction techniques; decorative techniques; and finishing details. Here She examines the characteristics of two of the most popular natural fiber fabrics used by home sewers. Major sections of the book are devoted to choosing appropriate patterns, purchasing and preparing fabrics, techniques for sewing on cotton and linen, and decorative details and finishing.

Book Index/Chapter headings 
Linen and Cotton Fabrics
Combining Fabric and Design
Equipment and supplies
Fabric preparation
Sewing techniques
Inside the garment
Decorative Details
Finishing Details

Show examples of techniques? Very detailed and with helpful drawings and photograph

Quality of illustrations or photographs: Its good, although old fashion compared to new books out there

Quality of instructions and explanations: I thought was excellent, great for beginners and natural fabric enthusiast.

Offer a list of resources? No, only the index of words in the end.

Not many books are mainly focus on fabric and this is a great small book, full of information.
I think its a great addition to any sewing library

It would be great to have other natural fabrics included.
Its out of print so its no easy to find or be too expensive.

Would I recommend this book?Yes, specially If you are a beginner or want fundamentals books on your sewing collections.

Is it a Must, good to browse or not worth the money? 
I think is a must because it talks about the fundaments of sewing with tips that can be carried out to most fabrics. If you have good sewing experience this book can still show you some secrets

  • Looks really interesting. x x x

    • its a lovely little book… i got on the library and now I’m bring to buy one…

  • This looks like a good book.. thanks for sharing.

    • welcome my friend. Its a great book and I was surprise in a positive way