Cross Stitch & Cushion Covers

During Easter I had the pleasure to spend some time with HRH’s family and took some photos of the amazing work his mom been doing lately.

She used to sew all her clothes in the past but just recently started doing it again by sewing new pair of cushions covers.

And some Cross Stitch.

*updated* HRH’s dad 

She actually taught me how to cross stitch back in 2009  but I only manage to make one item:
My work.

Accordingly with HRH is my self portrait. So, do you cross stitch? 
  • What lovely cushions.. and beautiful cross stitch pictures..
    I use to cross stitch all the time.. I have done lots of pictures and had them framed..When I worked night shift at the hospital, I would cross stitch on my down time.. I loved it.. But I lost interest and haven’t done any ,in a long time.
    I agree..your cross stitch picture..could be you. ha

  • Her cross stitch is lovely! I used to cross stitch as a little girl. I did one a while ago too. It’s nice and relaxing when you get into it 🙂

    • Indeed Jo, she is so good at it and its a shame I couldn’t photograph all because she gave them as present. I actually got one as a gift too on my kitchen.

      Its a bit too long for me and I fear my only projects will be buttons and little badges…

  • hahaha I love your cross stitch. I have made a few pieces, but I’ve been hung up on some larger ones I’ve been working on. It can just be pretty slow. But it’s a fun, mindless project when you’ve got tons of time.

    • indeed… I will try again when I have the time.. its a nice skill to have

  • My parents all did loads of cross stitch pictures

    • thats fun, now huh parents started water colour painting.. its lovely to have so many hobbies…

  • Pam

    No, I don’t cross stitch. Love the High Maintenance cross stitch!!! HRH’s cross stitch is amazing…

    • hi Pam, Hrh dad is holding the cross stitches…. sorry i didn’t put tag lines
      Im sure huh will look like that too… besides the high maintenance one all are from Hrh’s mom

  • I cross stitch occasionally, I am a fan of the urban cross stitchers, it’s quite a movement on the internet. I have used it to personalise presents which has gone down well. I do like those cushions x

    • I will check it out, thanks for the tip…

      the cushions are lovely in person.. so well make. She is very perfectionist.

  • wow those cross stiches are so detailed!! I love cross stitch but havent tackled any doifficult ones like those yet! Did you know that you can get disolvable (in water) aida fabric too? It makes it easier to stick the cross stitch to cushions etc.

    • I loved the one you made into a cushion.. its adorable. You can have a little cherry like ones.. would be very sweet.

  • Wow, the cross stitched pictures are really cool! I used to cross stitch when I was a little kid, but I haven’t for years!

    • She is very good so i need to share. Do you feel like start again or not?

  • the cross stitch pictures are great. I keep meaning to gove it a go, but somehow, the sewing seems to get in the way. I have a beginners cushion cover kit to do when I get round to it though!

  • I’m thinking of having a go, I actually intend to do a magazine review on the cross stitcher this week, which you may like. x x x