Day 01: UCA Taster Workshop: Branding & Mood boards

Hello my dears, I hope you had a good start of the week.

For those that don’t read me on twitter I mention last week that during my MBA holiday (this week), I would be participating into UCA Taster session from that includes fashion design, textiles, atelier, fashion merchandise, styling, photograph. etc and it’s aimed at 15 to 18 years old so they can get engage and get excited about joining the university. As some of my friends are running it and they know I am passionate about the fashion industry, they let me join in !

Hurray !

Although we won’t learn any sewing/ fashion techniques would be a great opportunity to see the creative process to production and on the last day have a professional shoot.

How exciting!!!

I have to be very conscious to not intimidate my team because I know a lot about certain areas, so its been a great learning experience for me to observe and guide them instead of leading.  I will be sharing all this fun with you and hopefully you can also learn from my experience !

As you can see on our timetable we will be very busy indeed!

So today was day one, we had to create our brand identify, define our customer base and create mood boards.

In contrary to all the other groups we aren’t designing for teens- Jessie J inspired clothes…
We are designing for a 25 to 30 year old, strong, stylish woman…  I swear I haven’t force it on them!

So, we went to the library and immerse ourselves with the university fashion books and magazines archives.

Creative mess

The beginning of our mood board

Ideas of our colour scheme 

Our designs

Around our designs, our customer mood board bellow our brand mood board.

My designs

Our final design to production.

We are going for a strong 50’s silhouette, with hard and soft fabrics, & bold prints !

The dress has a “hard” upper body and 50’s silhouette skirt, with a soft draping organza petal over

The back in open and the same soft organza will form a hood.

Tonight we need to research prints ideas and hair and make up styles.

So I leave you with the view of our classroom.

PS : My sewing machine is broken and gone for repair so I won’t be sewing this week.
However I had made a lovely easter bunny I want to share with you soon !

Ps2: If you need guidance on branding your handcraft items, drop me an email as I have a Degree in Marketing and I’m more than happy to help you.

  • So cool! I love your design!

    • Will be fun to see how it develops and on saturday we should have it sew and photographed…

  • I am so excited.. I will be following you closely this week and enjoying each step. thankyou for sharing.. Enjoy..
    ps sorry your sewing machine is messed up.. Hopefully home soon…

  • Wow what an amazing course Rachel. There’s a wealth of knowledge there. I love your designs – wish I could draw like that 🙂 Look forward to hearing more about it!

  • Looks like a fabulous way to spend a week …

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  • I’m really liking reading your posts on this project, this is creative heaven lucky you 🙂