Day 02. Concept to Textile Print & Styling Concepts

Hello there.. Im “cream cracked” as it’s been absolutely crazy & busy today.

Today the groups had to work on 3 areas:

  • Production
  • Styling
  • Textile

As a group we worked very closely together so I was able to gather information and provide my feedback into the whole process. I’m addicted. I want to do this everyday !!!

The day started from taking in considerations our brand mood board and brand concepts and finalising the design concept. We took our dress from short to long to make it stand out on the photo shoot.


From there we had to take the initial drawing to a toile. The process our mentors ( each group has a 2nd year fashion student ) use is quite simple.

  1. Using a basic block 12 ( size 8 in reality) they trace the block as is. They will drape the shape and darts on the mannequin so they don’t recommend using a block that is very different from your design.
  2. Cut the muslin based on the block without the markings as they will reshape it.
  3. Once they reshape and manipulate the fabrics they mark it with a pen/pencil the darts, and other design markings
  4. They use 1cm seam allowance
  5. Once they are happy with the toile they will sew all the seams to test the design.

If all goes well they transfer their design to a pattern paper if its going for production, but on our case we probably will use the muslin as our pattern. Thats for tomorrow. We just finished the toile.


We took aspiration from the 50’s. We had a make up artistic to give a general overview of make up industry and then later helped us shaping our concepts. We also had 10 minutes with a professional stylist to gather accessories for our photo shoot.



One of the most exciting parts because I was allowed to create the print design. 


Using photoshop, we can create or manipulate any idea /image and sent to a digital printer. Is that simple.

The university have quite a big selection of  printers and also traditional textiles labs for screen print.


The design chosen was print on print, focusing on larger stripes for the body of the dress and the flower superposition on transparent chiffon for the overskirt and back drape/hood

You can see I look exhausted already, sporting my Taffy.

Tomorrow we will produce( sew) the garment, work on our marketing presentation, create a slogan, logo and prepare for the photo shoot on Thursday.

I leave you today with one of the sewing studio…

This is quite small( I couldn’t photo the bigger studios because the 3rd year students were working on it.)


  • This sounds so exciting! Specially the part of the textiles. I love fabric, and it would be great to design and print my own fabric.

    • I know. It cost the about £33 per metre printing direct on fabrics or £15 on transfer + fabric cost.

  • What a fantastic way to spend the day(s)!

  • Wow, sounds exciting! 🙂

  • Cream crackered!! lol! You are becoming more and more english! haha! Looks like a really fun day though I love the combination of black and white stripes and the bold flower print!x

  • How exciting.Know your having fun … Love,love that fabric.Beautiful

  • Oh I am so jealous – have fun

  • I’m glad you are joining me on this experience.. It’s exciting but exausting….

  • Wow! This would be my dream day….you lucky thing 🙂 Enjoy every moment!